This life is not health but healing, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise... -martin luther


Susan Caciano, MS, RD, LD

Hello! I'm Susan, and I'm so glad you're here. My mission is to help you live more peacefully with food.

I grew up swimming competitively and am an endurance athlete. I get it. This food thing takes intention but will start to come with ease. No matter how you enjoy moving, I have a heart for helping you fuel and nourish your body - it takes practice! 

I'm most at home getting fresh air on a trail, curled up with a book, or trying something new in the kitchen. I believe cooking is a creative and grounding practice that can help you thrive in daily life. And it definitely doesn't mean being in the kitchen for hours on end. 

I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist with a Bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master's of Science in Nutrition and Physical Performance.

I am experienced in intuitive eating, weight concerns, body dissatisfaction, plant-based nutrition and culinary skills, disease state management, sports nutrition, and family feeding dynamics.

My philosophy is that food should be simple, pleasurable, and nourishing. I partner with you in creating a healthful mindset around food and body and guide you in making plants a more central part of meals for busy, everyday life.  

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Certifications and achievements include:

* Registered Dietitian - #1062754

* Missouri Licensed Dietitian - #2011037378

* Certified Pilates Instructor 

* Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian Professional Practice Group

* Published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine: Effects of dietary acid on exercise metabolism and anaerobic exercise performance, July 2015