Pricing + Services


Nutrition consulting services starting at $90/hour.



Nutrition Consultation

$90/hour in office or remote — Medical history, comprehensive evaluation, supplementation guidance, meal ideas, and goal setting. 


Nutrition Therapy

$90/hour in office or remote; $45/30 min  — Topics include disease state management, fueling for sport, weight concerns, body dissatisfaction, family of origin influences on food/body, food preoccupation and/or avoidance, eating for emotional rather than physical reasons, and creating a peaceful relationship with exercise. 


Plant-based cooking classes

$300/ in-home cooking class — menu selection given upon inquiry. Lessons can be individual, family, or hosted as a small group gathering. Grocery list provided beforehand and recipes provided for you and your group.

$600/ full week of prepared meals — transition to a plant-based style of eating and leave the leg work to us. Meals can prepared for up to 3 weeks, then we recommend transitioning to cooking classes to build confidence in the kitchen as you build a collection of nourishing, pleasurable recipes for everyday life. 

mindful lifestyle program

$750/ month — an immersive lifestyle experience that includes 1 nutrition session, 1 grocery shopping trip, 4 pilates sessions, and 1 in-home plant-based cooking class. Meditations and recipes delivered weekly through email to support your personal growth and feeling calm and grounded  with food and body.




intuitive eating program

$300/month — A 12-week program with tools to food peace. Hourly sessions are held once weekly and include readings, reflections, and practical homework to improve your relationship with food.  A true personal growth experience. Program can be paused for travel, etc. and resumed upon return to suit flexible scheduling needs.


speaking engagements

$150/hour — Bring education and discussion to your group around intuitive and mindful eating and how to make peace with food for improved health outcomes. Cooking demonstrations, sports team group education also available.



Personal: $65/hour — STOTT reformer pilates is ideal for beginners to seasoned athletes. Builds muscular strength, length, and stability with emphasis on core control. Postural analysis provided during initial session to identify imbalances and set goals.

Package: $300/5 class package — grow your personal practice with support and accountability.