A Positive Profit.

The New York Times recently covered scientist Dr. Charles Keeling, known for his invention of the most accurate device to date for measuring CO2 emissions. His goal was to better understand humanity's relationship with earth, and it ended up earning recognition in Washington as "one of the greatest achievements of modern science." Probably worth knowing about.

Compared to his first measurement in the 1950's, CO2 levels have risen 30%. By the end of this coming decade, they will have risen 80%. His machine is located at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, and the government still uses it as an evidence base to shape CO2 limiting emission legislation. So what's happening in Congress with clear evidence that CO2 levels are growing at a rapid rate?

Congressional representatives call the current levels "undramatic". Physicists monitoring government programs at the observatory call the predicament "shocking" and "getting worse every year". Interesting dichotomy, right?

In the words of my mother, "I can be Congress better than Congress can be Congress." If this gives any insight into our empowered upbringing...I love that woman.

At the start of each day, maybe we do play Congress. And we mostly vote with our money: where we shop, what we buy and eat, what we choose to reuse. If almost everywhere we spend money will make a profit, maybe we should shop places where we like what they're doing with the profit. There is responsibility in choosing organizations that will use their earnings to help heal the earth and communities.

If gift giving is still on your mind these next few days, try on Patagonia, Whole Foods, and Lush to find last-minute solutions that will turn profit into positive impact, minus the CO2.

(Silent night, Holy night. All is calm, all is bright.)

Diamond Light.

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