Canyon Land.

After a long week, there are few things more comforting than sharing a meal with people you are crazy about (a good kind of crazy). And if the meal holds seasonal ingredients, gosh, I certainly won't complain.Every major family celebration of ours usually starts or ends at Canyon Cafe: a fresh-mex casual eatery in Frontenac where the mojitos are stuffed with fresh mint, the salsa rustically hand-made, and the plates are full of color.

I get the same order almost every time I come, and each visit surprises me: that's the beauty of using seasonal produce. These tacos are stuffed with pepitas, okra, and shredded slaw +  zucchini. Bold. At the end of your meal, an almond-white chocolate wrapped in corn husk comes your way.

I love the design, texture, and colors of the Southwest, and when I come here, my longing to live in Arizona returns. Warmth and mountains and red rock canyons. Someday, my friends. I will let you know how that goes.

Luckily, people make the place, so in that case I'll take St. Louis any day. I wouldn't trade these folks for anything.

Good company:

My beautiful and comical sisters.

My wise and (gracefully) aging parents.

Cells Know Best

Running on B-12