Drink Fresh Water

Whether we're booked with meetings, training for a race, or heating things up at the studio, a solid hydration practice is at the top of our list. 

Water is our body's bedrock; all major systems depend on it. Your body size, how active you are, and where you live all determine fluid needs. 13 cups for men (3L), 9 cups for women (2.2L), and pop in an extra 2-3 cups for short exercise bouts<1 hour.

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Water helps dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to the body, lubricates joints, regulates body temperature, keeps your intestines running like a champion, and carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. It makes sense that even a great diet can’t give the best results without the help of water. 

Fresh fruit, vegetables, cooked oatmeal, yogurt, and soups have a high water content that can help get you to your goal. Coffee counts toward the daily overall goal (all is well with the world), but we're capping it at 2 cups to avoid the jitters and feel balanced.

Stay consistently well-hydrated, and notice some pretty rad differences in how you feel, think, and move. #drinkup


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