Was waiting for public transpo in the freezing rain. Lost my gloves. Then recognized an old friend. She is back after living in India on a mango farm. Somehow, we now work in the same building. She tells me stories full of community and beauty...and mangoes. We laugh a lot and feel much less cold. Not a bad end to the day.

So I'm finally home and soggy and need to get a little more done before bed, so I am making a hearty espresso chili: black beans, tomatoes, cup of strong coffee, chili powder, brown sugar, onion, water. Voila.

Not only is this plant-based combination high in iron, but its spicy-sweet flavor will keep your tummy satisfied with its substantial amount of fiber and protein.


And definitely need to use up the winter greens hiding in the back of the fridge. So. Easy.

Spoon the chili on top of steamed kale for extra vitamin K, which aids in the incorporation of calcium into your bones.

Simple. Sweet. Hearty. Healthy. This day has been a fortunate series of events. Learning to walk with the eyes a little more open, even when it's dark and rainy. Never lose faith, life is full of surprises. And maybe even mango for dessert.

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