Fresh Routes.

Who doesn't love the woods? There is something about making your way through a bunch of trees that is awe-inspiring. It makes us feel fresh/ uncharted / slightly wild in a world that can be a little too certain... like knowing I will wait behind exactly 8 cars of exhaust to make a left hand turn at the stoplight near my home. Gross. A friend and I enjoyed a turn through the woods on a run this morning, and I can't believe how quickly the time passed. I think nature has this way of soaking up the senses and moving consciousness away from ourselves. The opposite of self-conscious? Few things are more lovely.

Want to find a path that might take you through some trees? Unfamiliar with a park you'd like to try? I really love Nike's Map It. Type in your zip code (or the park's...yay!) and then choose the length you're up for.

Everyone deserves a beautiful route.

Map It

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