Humbles and Heals

After spending a restful past 2 weeks scumming through good books, taking leisurely car rides, finding winning bagel eateries, and getting a good dose of fresh air, I am finally settling back into a missed little home space. But I'm also realizing it's too easy to invite the pre-vacation wildness right back in. I needed to hear this. Maybe you do, too.

"All things not God, all things made by God need rest...And maybe especially us. Because, unlike goats and beetles and flies and lizards, we try to outrun and outwit our limits. We think we're the exception, the one for whom busyness will translate into fruitfulness. We think, because we've figured ways to build impossibly tall buildings and dig immensely deep holes, to spy on babies in the womb, to tease out strands of DNA, to send whole computer files from New York to Nairobi in a split second-we think because our industry and ingenuity seem boundless, we can also figure a way around our God imposed need for stillness. We can't. The need is not conjured away by medication, technology, discipline, cleverness, sheer willfulness. It always comes back to take its due."   -Mark Buchanan

We need to rest. Play. Feast. Enjoy family. Take in art. Have a glass of something. Put up the feet. Let the weeds grow. Be known. One day a week.

Redefining necessity is both a science and an art.


Seeds of Ambition