Kicking Rocks

Yesterday: after coming inside from a phone call for a piece of time, I realized I had been kicking a rock up and down the street through the whole conversation. Maybe this rock-kicking practice is something we learn around age 8 because it somehow relaxes us or lets us think more clearly. And as we've grown up, we've replaced summertime rock-kicking with Bikram yoga and laugh infused phone calls with detailed email messages. We've complicated it. But there is a piece inside of us that plainly recognizes simplicity is quite good.

(Really enjoyed these doors in Soulard. Longevity through undemanding, uncomplicated beauty.)

my great (out)doors
my great (out)doors

Maybe it's why concepts like jeans, running, reading, and cooking have longevity, too: all are uncomplicated pleasures.

So if you have any summer prospects... exercising a creative muscle, forming a new healthy habit or routine, make it as uncomplicated as possible. It will likely last longer and be more fun than any meticulous plan.

Bearing Fruit.