Nourish. Run. Yoga.

Nourish. Run. Yoga.

March is National Nutrition Month, which wins my vote as particularly awesome because of its pure devotion to exploring what nourishes you. Over the next few weeks, I am excited to honor the lovely team at Lululemon Athletica Maryland Plaza by starting a simple, yet powerful nutrition challenge and offering some real talk on food throughout the month. 

This isn’t some crazy new you, no carbs, only eat during a full moon type of challenge. We’re talking nutrition essentials that will nourish your mind, body, and soul so you can crush some of the amazing goals you’ve set for your year. 

Starting March 25, the challenge criteria will vary day-to-day (we love surprises!) and will consist of different basic yet life-changing nutrition missions. Some of the daily challenges will include eating a salad a day (greens not potato salads, y’all), drinking water (and how to stay hydrated during colder weather), trying a new food you didn’t like in the past, and cutting the crap (processed crap that is). 

If you’d like to join in the challenge yourself, I will be posting updates here and on Twitter @yellowbirdeats. This challenge is about finding the positive parts of your current diet, filtering out the negative ones, and finding ways to encourage healthy nutrition behavior shifts to get you closer to those killer goals. 

If face-to-face is more your style, join me in store March 5 for a recovery fuel cooking demo + high intensity workout from Lululemon’s rockstar ambassador Kristin Beracha, Shred415. 

What better time than now to create a life you love. #letsgetcookin


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