So where does s a girl start when trying to circle up everything she couldn't do without this Thanksgiving? I think of the calm of mornings and the warmth of my favorite wool socks (they totally have a hole, are a size too big, and yes, they are my camping man apparel). I am thankful for the makers of my blanket and the roasters of my coffee.For musicians who create scores and string together lyrics that make you feel the world is right and someone understands you.

And for the people who actually do understand you. The ones who aren’t just fans, but love you truthfully.

For green space when you’ve had too much street, and street when you just want to be in a crowd.

I’m thankful for authors, everywhere, who are brave enough to write. And photographers, who capture specific moments that we’ve never taken in.

For the spontaneous yet anchored way that friendships work, and the potential truth that we don’t ever really meet a stranger.

I’m thankful for oatmeal, lentils, kale, and peanut butter…though not combined…but wait, that actually sounds like a crazy breakfast of champions…

I’m thankful for Christ, who has pulled me off of an approval treadmill and wrapped me in grace. I will never have to feel alone or battle alone for as long as I live.

I am thankful for running trails, and the fact that I am a runner because I run. Simple.

I’m thankful for unfamiliarity: for having expertise, but not truly being an expert on anything. Experts have it all figured out, so they don’t have to pay much attention to what’s going on. Pity.

And to close, I am thankful and overwhelmed with the term comfort . So many sources, such privilege, and the discernment to know true comfort from false (for real…fellow Black Friday recovering addicts, give someone your keys.) Wrecklessly take in your comfort space, whatever that means for you. Few things feel so rich.

( Didn't plan on this shot to being uncomfortably close to my face, but while we're on things we're thankful for, I couldn't help but include this insanely biodiverse window sill:  rainbow swiss chard, mini tri-color hot peppers, pansies, and strawflowers. Life is beautiful, even/especially in the city.)

Cookies and Milk.