Rivers and Roads

There are a few things to always be sure of. 1) The weather in Galway. 2) The deliciousness of sweet potatoes. 3) Things change. If you read through enough old letters or scroll through your phone book, this feeling hits...the reality that the people you want to see every day aren't always the ones you get to. And those who are your go-to dinner company after a bad day  right now will probably one day be the ones you have to board a plane to see. It's this unpredictable beautiful sphere of relationship.

So when I heard this song, I kind of wanted to lose the excuses, grab the neck of some Schalfly, and give a good cheers to friends and family who are not as close as circumstance would have it. So I did. (Don't worry, it was a high quality coffee stout reserved for the event that I ever get published or if someone awesome dies.) I hope you make some time to do the same.

No matter who we are, we need connection, community. Which is a very beautiful thing. Until then, there are always car-trips. Plane-rides. Phone-calls. Infinite amounts of modern junk/kind of useful phone applications, and yes, even creepy Greyhounds to bring us a little closer to the people we love. But one day, I am very sure it will all be right.

Enjoy one of my favorites, The Head and the Heart. This is a soulful little tune. I especially love the ending.

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