The Lost Art of Cartography

Maps are pretty much the bees knees. Especially creative ones. I have been eyeing this small vintage print of CA for an empty wall in my apartment, but still deciding. I like the artist's relaxed scheme + color choice. Besides, I think we retain more and can express our thoughts more fluidly when using pictures.

It sounds elementary, but pictures are quite genius. Abstractions become personal. Something very complex is made very simple. Our inherent ADHD is momentarily shunted. I'd like to think that's the definition of genius. Einstein described a complex relationship between mass and energy in just 5 characters. He drew us a picture. Genius.

For these same reasons, I also think cartography is pretty genius. Yes, words have longevity. But so do images. Why not dabble in both?

Pendersleigh and Sons... and the Lost Art of Cartography

The art of cartography is about as extinct as the art of the written letter. What need is there for a hand-drawn community renderings in the age of instant information, when most people have GPS maps on their cellphones? No need at all. But Los Angeles based writer Eric Brightwell doesn’t care. Hence this blog … Read More

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