A Time For Everything

It’s fall, it’s fresh, it’s time for transition. About this point every year, I can just about feel time running from me. Sprinting, actually. This morning, I caught this photo…a whole field of 'em. I’ve never liked this flower until I saw them here. I'm learning there is a time for everything. Now is a time to plant, a time build, a time to search. And I'm learning to not hold onto it too tightly, which usually makes things ugly. Flowers included.

So here's my time:

1) Playing a small role counseling in this study to learn more about how the body controls blood sugar in response to food and exercise…diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic diseases, so bam, we better know it’s inner workings well.

2) Starting my year long marriage to hearts, lungs, and the Institutional Review Board. And lots of VO2 max testing. The purpose is to test the relationship between the amount of acid in the diet and the ability of the body to maximally exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide during exercise. Then I'll write about it, I think. And call it a thesis.

3) Enjoying A.M. hours with GMATT so in a few months I can fully soak in the morning here . As of now, Paula has volunteered to fill the role of roommate and wine sampler. Cheers!

4) Developing my teaching philosophy. So far it goes like this: teach what you don’t know. I think it’s the most sure-fire way to really learn something… because you’re actually paying attention.

5) And cooking to fuel this healthy wave of schtuff. Don’t judge that I was considering buying bulk quinoa…this will last you until at least December. Especially when you use it to make Maple Quinoa Cornbread. Yep, so good it gets a nickname: MQC.

However you name it, it's one of my favorite fall foods. Hello, it’s chili season, and what’s chili without cornbread? It's excellent with coffee, too. Packed with protein, calcium, and fiber, quinoa can help fuel your long days while meeting key nutrient needs. I like to use a cake pan, but slice it however you’d like.

Plus, I'm pumped to turn the oven on and not feel like I've simulated the Amazon in my little kitchen.

It's a time for open doors. Mmmm, Fall.

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