It's like a tomato, but with a husk.

On one last search and rescue in a garden that will be bulldozed next week, I got my hands on a little piece of the Southwest.

So here I am with my (stunning) balcony tomatillo plant, when I realize I might have to put my hopes of making incredible salsa verde on hold.

Apparently, tomatillo plants are highly "self-incompatible", meaning 2+ plants are needed for correct pollination in order to produce fruit. No partner, no fruit.

Thanks for the reminder to singles nearing the assault of wedding season, you damn plant.

Regardless, I love salsa. I must find this plant a match.

This piece of fruit was present before I transplanted it, when the plant was surrounded by at least 10 others of its kind. Remain in community, no?

Nose Hunger

High Five, United Nations.