What was once the 80's...

"As science and technology advance, the greatest mystery of the universe and the least conquered force of nature remains the human being and his actions and human experiences." -Kanfer and Schefft, 1988 Sure we've made marked progress. Think of 80's phones, running apparel, glasses, whatever makes you laugh. But when it comes to the most treasured variable of reasearch (people), what has really changed?

The human spirit is pretty rebellious, I think. When presented with a health recommendation, even it sounds pretty agreeable, most will not act on it simply because it came from someone else's mouth. How does this relate to you?

I'm fairly certain my motivation in health involves some degree of defiance...lifestyles can be better, different. Not mass-produced, but unexpected and colorful.

We think there are so few ways to acceptably revolt, but I think this area has incredible potential. After all, like Kanfer and Schefft say, our actions will never be caged.

And if we can teach un-caged actions to benefit individuals and communities, that deserves a symphony. Or a peace prize. (Not sure which is better.)


"Know(ing) Your Farmer"