“Yellowbird is professional, positive, and shines hopeful light on the complexities of nutrition. Susan is an essential collaborator on my healthcare team.” -RK


"Susan is truly a bright light. Through working with her, I was able to face my fears and perfectionist tendencies head on. I've felt empowered to make big changes in my life. These changes have included starting my own business, developing a loving relationship with exercise, and setting healthy boundaries. Susan is thoughtful, present, and asks the tough questions. I simply can't recommend her enough!"  -AG


"I feel on top of the world with my new food freedom. Food just tastes different now that I'm done with critical thoughts when I eat, and can just be present at meal times and events and enjoy my food. Through working with Susan, I’ve truly learned how to listen to and trust my body." -AH


“I started working with Susan at Yellowbird a few months ago and already my perspective, habits, and most importantly, emotions including food have changed drastically. This nutrition counseling goes beyond the mechanics of eating. It is not a black and white, good food versus bad food way of thinking. Instead, I learned a new philosophy based on intuitive eating.  Susan’s kind, caring, non-judgmental approach creates a safe space to work through deeply rooted issues. Listening is just part of the process, but her strategies lead to solutions and that is where the changes happen.  In a society where we’re conditioned to dieting, Susan is an honest breath of fresh air.  Preconceived notions from society are lessened, and awareness and mindfulness are heightened. I am so thankful to have Yellowbird partner with me in my nutrition journey!” -HA