A Beautiful Nucleus

After enjoying the comforts of a perfectly sunny and breezy afternoon (the exact weather conditions for sun-drying fruit...more on that another day), I'm reminded of the crazy luxury that follows us around and we hardly know it. Luxury can be beautiful, but it can also be blinding. The word "luxury" is so relative. Does it mean dry-cleaning delivered to your door, a trip to the coast twice a year, or food in your fridge? Depends on the neighborhood you were born into.

There are many so many cases where our "must-haves" really are others luxuries, but quality nutrition really  is a non-negotiable. How are you supposed to personally function or engage with others if you don't know where your next meal is coming from? 15 percent of St. Louis doesn't know that answer, and these aren't the homeless or jobless. Surprised? This is called food insecurity.

Food from the earth is the basis of quality nutrition, so when I found out this run-down community now has the chance to fill themselves with a hearty supply of beans and greens, few things could have brought me more joy. It is the start of physically healthy, centered families, which opens the door to insane possibilities for building a healthy community.

STLToday.com just ran an incredible article on the hope and restoration that's happening around here. Check it out.


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