An Artist

If you don't think you're creative, maybe someone lied to you and you listened. Or maybe you find it easy to negatively judge your work. Whatever it is, put it behind you.

We are ridiculously creative; we are designed and hard-wired that way.

And there is a longing in each of us to create things, too:


a paint shade for the wall that you really want to come home to_an Excel sheet to navigate your expenses_weekend plans(and weekday... seriously let's enjoy life)

_loaves of bread_ a running route that is both challenging and relaxing_a spontaneous phone call to a friend from college_a change in one single health behavior_a functional organization system for our desks/closets/bookshelves.....lalala.

What is ONE thing you want to make?

Whatever that one thing is, you will learn from it, and you will restore beauty.

Your work is more valuable than you think. And you are an artist.

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