Noun: one who lives to age 100 +

I heard an interesting segment this morning... sure we know that people are living longer, but who out there is actually living well longer? Researchers on aging from Boston University found a few leads.

There are a handful of different factors leading you to path of 100: genetics is the largest one, then environment and lifestyle, and finally drugs are the third variable being toyed with to take you further down the longevity trail.

Honestly, I don't specifically care how long I live. And with certainty don't want to start taking drugs to keep me around. (With pharmacy school preceding my nutrition endeavors, I can confidently walk in the way of "farm not pharmacy". Solid nutrition makes a lasting impression on the mind and body.)

Longevity aside, it's the well side of things that I wouldn't mind prioritizing. Upon interview, Dr. Thomas Perls from Boston Medical Center says that those who maintain a social network, deal with stress effectively, and keep from internalizing problems typically live longer than those who don't.

Although genes are by far the strongest factor for reaching that "100" mark, I think wellness leads to longevity, not the other way around.

But wait: I'm competitive. And if I lived longer, than you....well, that would mean we wouldn't be quite so close. Dang. In this case, I'm not sure a spirit of competition would pleasantly serve me. Cheers to living well.

An old tree is kind of like an old hand, I think. Both beautifully worn.


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