Food, art, relationships, music and sustainability. These are the key elements of EarthDance, a non-profit organization that grows food, grows farms, and cultivates community. Their home-base is at Mueller Organic Farm in Ferguson, Missouri. It has only been around 2 years, but it works to educate communities on techniques that start with seeds and end at tables. Even more, it celebrates culture.

They piloted a CSA program and now sell their produce at Maplewood Farmer's Market (at Schlafly Bottleworks, Wednesdays 4pm-7pm) and in Ferguson as well.

Their vision? Forget hippie, this a powerful piece of restoration:

" We envision productive local farms where creative endeavors can bloom alongside flourishing produce. We envision former strangers cultivating the land together and growing relationships in addition to sugar snap peas. We envision an Artist-in-Residence and a Musician-in-Residence living on EarthDance farms to gain inspiration from its beauty and to share their talents with farm-workers and farm-goers. We envision individuals from all walks of life coming to EarthDance Farm to learn skills in organic farming and gardening, to taste a fresh-picked blackberry, and to see where their food comes from. We know that this vision is possible; we see it clearly, and we are dedicated to it. "

I support that.

They are hosting an event this Sunday, July 11th from 7pm-930pm. Majorly inclusive: the more, the merrier!

Location: St. Stephen's in Ferguson; 33 North Clay Ave, 63135

Event Flyer

Tex-Mex Gazpacho