Nothing like it.

Integrity is huge. Simply, it’s defined as a quality of honesty and uprightness. Or a state of being whole and undivided.

Although these two definitions are seemingly distinct when applied to people (morals) versus objects (wholeness), fusing the two ( moral wholeness) might be a definition that really hits the spot. With applications from ethics to shoes to nutritional soundness, I trust it’s worth concentrating on. Without it, you cannot do much.

I think we are all attracted to integrity. It's one of those qualities that's mysterious because it's rare, and when you're around it, it invites safety and confidence. It isn't always glamorous, but it's inviting. It doesn't settle. It's gives others dignity.

When we practice it, it invites an integrity infused culture. If I have a little, I want to be trusted with it. If I have a lot, I want to be able to be trusted with more. Does it take time to learn how to trust yourself or just practice? Maybe a lot of both, but more importantly start acting as if someone is looking. It is ridiculously beyond picking up trash, but it might start with picking up trash. Where would the world be then?

Maybe I feel this issue is pressing because my bike was recently stolen. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s not like losing a sock, either. A good bike is like a reliable friend. You spend a considerable amount of time with it, and it gets you through a lot. You take care of it, and it takes care of you. It’s comfortable….and always around when you need to escape.

This is my official grievance of Mr. Fuji (Jen, I think you officially named him awhile ago)….that’s the bike, I often lack clarity. So we learn to give the offender grace, and then hold ourself to a higher standard of integrity. The world goes on, and we learn to appreciate what we have even more. I'm definitely okay with that.

(Mom- I captured your shoes on vacation last summer. You didn't know it, but Sonoma needed documentation through worn leather. Leather with integrity. Thanks.)

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