Three Sisters

After yesterday's bike ride, I was hit in the face with produce over-load. I enjoy the challenge of having so much fresh goodness that you have no other option but to get creative preparing it right away. Freeze when fresh! Not only does this prevent counter-rot and refrigerator spoilage, but it's economical when you have no time to cook and need to count on something from the freezer. So as a giant patty pan squash was roasting in the oven, an eggplant was taking a salt bath, and garlicky mustard greens were steaming on the stove, I decided that although my produce endeavors were giving me a creative outlet, I really missed my sisters.

I am a middle child, but not sure I'll claim the associated complex. Peacemaker? Yes. Feeling forgotten by family? Hardly. I have witnesses that laugh at family efforts of weekend gatherings before 7:30 am. I hear this is not normal.

So here's a small tribute to family, namely, sisters. Today at SLU, we planted a "3 Sisters Garden" , a Native American farming method. It's history and practicality are worth sharing...and I love stories.

"The three sisters way of planting originated with the Haudenosaunee tribe. The story goes that beans, corn, and squash are actually three Native American maidens. The three, while very different, love each other very much and thrive when they are near each other. It is for this reason that the Native Americans plant the three sisters together." *

So the corn grows tall, the beans wrap around the corn for support and sun, and the squash's wide leaves cover the base of the corn and beans to shade and cool the roots.

This synergistic effort yields 3 healthy veggies.

Of course, I am incredibly different from my sisters, whether blood-line, run-club, coffee group, book study, sorority, or restaurant critics. But when we are together, we make music. It's music with color and heart that can never be created individually.

We are each others health. Cheers, sisters!

* Story citation and more specifics on the Three Sisters Garden method

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