Releasing Confidence

Why is it that of all the things that are incredible  in our lives, it is human nature to blow up the one miniscule piece that is not "quite right" ? It's like a distorted magnifying glass with the inability to put focus on meaningful, satisfying pieces that we hardly deserve. I think finding a way to redirect this messed up focus (that our world effortlessly invites) is more simple than we think. Maybe it's called thanksgiving. And naming things we are doing right now that we'd never thought we would do.

I also think it is naming what could dare be called a move towards a good practice: this is beautiful, this is you being more alive.

Whether "what you'd never thought you'd do" is simple or complex or crazy, whether you feel supported or not, it is growth.

Today I found myself confidently putting my hands in my pockets and smiling. Life is very real: give thanks.

( Enjoy the great color and texture of these rocks. I took this picture in Moab, Utah. Also enjoy the simple fact that people are hands-down interesting. The guy at the top is Forest Gump in five shades of neon, and I love it. Wear you color. I think confidence is hugely tied to wellness. )

Three Sisters