Radish Ravish.


Pink, white, red, and lavender radishes are popping up all around the end of May. These guys should win your heart because 1) they are the earliest, fastest vegetables you can grow 2) they tell us spring is almost through 3) they are super fast germinators and you can use them to mark rows. Who doesn't love a tidy mess of a garden? Radishes need lots of water to keep them growing quickly, and quick growth keeps them from becoming too hot or catching disease. They even come in an heirloom variety called French Breakfast, which is really hard to dislike in itself. If you're thinking about it, plant a few seeds and get in the mode...they need full sun to light shade. If you aren't feeling the planting vibe, try a knife. The fine British garden writer Joy Larkcom says that in China, radishes are carved into roses and sold as street snacks. If you find you have a knack for radish sculpture after reading this, please let me know. I will send you a letter of respect.


Takes Practice